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Popular Games
ba_235x116_mjj_flash_txt_02.swf mjj

Potion Panic

Collect ingredients quickly to fire up your opponent with a spectacular magic potion!

ba_235x116_ctc_flash_txt.swf ctc

Capt'n Torch

Full speed ahead! Click quickly on the diamond groups to spark the fire mode.

kno_235x116_kno_txt_EN_01.swf yaz

Roll 5

The thrilling dice game with a strategic twist.

ba_235x116_jwl_flash_txt_01.swf jwl

Jungle Jewels

Form groups of 3 valuable jewels in the mysterious Asian temple.

ba_235x116_lab_flash_txt_02.swf lab

Animal Maze

Stay focused: move your way through the labyrinth and free the animals.

ba_235x116_bux_flash_txt.swf bux

Bubble Deluxe

Don’t sink! Form color groups as quickly as possible. Collect boosts and show off your high scores.

ba_235x116_GAME_flash_txt_03.swf ruk


Place all tiles! Skillfully place and move tiles in this exciting multiplayer game.

ba_235x116_GAME_flash_txt_05.swf rom


The most popular multiplayer card game! Play your cards right and win big.

ba_235x116_mbs_flash_txt.swf mbs

Balloon Blast

In the circus ring, players take turns using the cannon to shoot down as many balloons as possible and decrease their opponent’s energy.

Featured Game
Maya Whiz

Maya Whiz

Click the cards so the sum is 11 in the speedy game of Maya Whiz. Featuring lots of great extras!

Crazy Eights
Crazy Eights

Crazy Eights

The quick card game for young and old. Guaranteed thrills to the very last second!