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1. GameDuell’s Concept


As the organizer of online gaming tournaments, GameDuell has developed a unique website for skill games in which real opponents can compete and win real money. Every single game on GameDuell is a game of skill. That means that the choice between victory and defeat is decided by the players abilities, not by luck. This is the principle difference between skill games and games of luck, such as bets and gambling.



2. What Makes GameDuell One-of-a-Kind


In contrast to conventional Internet-gaming sites, GameDuell offer three special features:


  • Real Opponents

Your opponents are real people, you are not playing against a computer.

  • Real Competition

The skill level matching system guarantees fair competition.

  • Real Winnings

There are real cash and material prize winnings.



3. Online Gaming - Mainstream market that is worth millions


The casual game industry has a value of GBP 1.13 billion a year and it grows currently by 20 % annually, according to the 2007 market report released by the Casual Games Association. It is also interesting to note that 74 % of paying casual game players are women. In fact casual games are played more than every other type of video game. If you would also like to profit from the online gaming trend, then join the GameDuell partnership program today.



4. Partnership with GameDuell


Do you run your own website and wish to offer your visitors new, attractive content? Would you like to earn money along with GameDuell? Then take part in our partnership programme and make use of the programme’s benefits.

Your Advantages:


  • Attractive Commission
  • Constantly updated advertising medium and high-quality content
  • Access to detailed online statistics

The partnership program registration is free of charge and without obligation.


Register now!



Do you wish to participate in our partnership program, and run a website that generates more than 50,000 visits per month? We would be more than happy to organize an individual program for you. Please contact us at partner@remove-this.gameduell.co.uk