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Capt'n Torch Game Rules

Capt'n Torch

Capt'n Torch is a colourful clicking game for nimble buccaneers: find same-coloured rows and groups of shimmering diamonds under the command of the Captain. Click on the groups as quickly as possible and get a shipload of points!

The aim of the game

Click on combinations of 3 or more same-coloured diamonds to collect the diamonds and bag as many points as possible.


In Capt'n Torch, you only need to use the mouse. Simply click on the diamond groups using the left mouse button.

Game elements

Below you will find an explanation of all the game elements in Capt'n Torch:

1. Time

The amount of time you have left in the game.

2. Diamonds

The tiles in Capt'n Torch are called diamonds. The diamonds come in five different colours.

3. Diamond groups

A diamond group consists of three or more same-coloured diamonds which are connected either vertically or horizontally. Simply click on a group to collect it.

4. Points

The number of points you have scored in the game.

5. Pyro meter

The pyro meter will gradually fill up if you manage to click on several diamond groups in rapid succession. If you're fast enough, the pyro meter will fill up entirely and the mighty fire mode will be unleashed.

6. Multiplier

The multiplier increases the points for a collected diamond group by the specified factor. The more multipliers you collect, the higher the factor.

7. Colour bomb

The colour bomb will remove all the diamonds of its colour from the board.

8. Capt'n Torch

A true pirate complete with hat, beard, and fleas: that's Capt'n Torch. A living legend, a sparkling diamond enthusiast, and the only pirate whose breath is worse than his greed. Arrgh!

How to play

This is what happens when you start a game of Capt'n Torch:

Boost shop

Before the adventure starts, you will see the so-called "boost shop." The boost shop offers 5 different boosts which can help you to achieve a higher score in the game.

Click on 3 boosts to select them if you would like to use them in the duel. Only the selected boosts will be available to you in the game.

Capt'n Torch


The bomb explodes when you click on it and destroys the tiles surrounding it. It is placed in the game field at the beginning.

Capt'n Torch

Extra colour bomb

The extra colour bomb works just like the normal colour bomb: Click on the colour bomb and all the diamonds of its colour will be removed from the board. This boost will make extra colour bombs appear on the game field.

Capt'n Torch

Faster fire mode

With this boost selected, you will reach the legendary fire mode much faster and have a better chance of getting an impressive score.

Capt'n Torch

Extra time

This boost will add 10 seconds to your playing time.

Capt'n Torch

Extra multiplier

The extra multiplier will make the normal 2x-multiplier tile appear on the game field at the beginning of the game. This means that you can grab it quickly and get higher multipliers faster in the game.

The basics

In Capt'n Torch, you should click as fast as you can on groups of same-coloured diamonds to bag them and get lots of points.

The diamond groups must consist of at least 3 same-coloured diamonds that are either vertically or horizontally connected. Diamonds connected diagonally do not count:

Capt'n Torch
Capt'n Torch

Large diamond groups will give you more points. You can read more about how points are distributed by scrolling down to the "Points" table.

Capt'n Torch uses his old pirate tricks to make sure that there are always a couple of diamond groups available on the game field.

Pyro meter

Clicking on diamond groups in quick succession will make the pyro meter fill up gradually. If you take too long between clicking, the pyro meter will cool down and your progress will decrease.

Once you've completely filled up the pyro meter, the so-called "fire mode" is activated and the game board bursts into flames.

Capt'n Torch

Fire mode

The fire mode starts when your pyro meter is full. The game field is ablaze for a short time and you get extra points for the diamond groups you collect.

The diamond groups that you click on during the fire mode will explode loudly and destroy all the diamonds nearby. This not only brings joy to every pirate's heart, it also racks up a shipload of points!


The points in Capt'n Torch are distributed as follows:

Collect diamond group
10 per diamond
With x2 multiplier
20 per diamond
With x3 multiplier
30 per diamond
With x4 multiplier
40 per diamond, and so on.

Game over

Once your time has expired, the game is over. (So you and the Captain can set sail for a new adventure.)

Tips and tricks

  • Don't spend too much precious time searching for the diamond groups. Instead, try to click on the diamond groups as soon as you see them.
  • Try all the different boosts to find the best boost combination for your own game play.
  • Having extra time to play will not necessarily lead to more points if you don't click on the diamond groups quickly enough.
  • Always try to click correctly on the diamond groups. Remember that every wrong click will cool down the pyro meter, meaning it will take you longer to reach the fire mode.