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  1. What is GameDuell?
  2. How is GameDuell different than other Internet gaming sites?
  1. What is GameDuell?

    In December 2003, GameDuell began with a mission. Our mission was to make competition a rewarding experience for everybody. Since then, GameDuell has become one of the world’s largest Social Skill Games Communities . For more information about GameDuell, please click here .

  2. How is GameDuell different than other Internet gaming sites?

    • Fair Competition
      GameDuell means fair play. You won’t find any games of chance on GameDuell. Your skills are the only factor deciding between victory and defeat.
    • Exciting Duels
      GameDuell provides ever-changing entertainment. The basic idea is the 1:1 duel, in which you play directly against one other player. In addition to the 1:1 duel, we are always striving to offer new types of tournaments and duels, such as the 3, 4, and 5 player duels, as well as mini-leagues.
    • Real Opponents
      Since GameDuell’s beginning in January 2004, our player community has grown to include more than 80 million players.
    • Real Winnings
      Here at GameDuell, you can win real money. In 2005 alone, more than 5 million euros were won. In addition to competitive duels, GameDuell also regularly offers many exciting sweepstakes and drawings.