Playing safely and responsibly at GameDuell

GameDuell is your game partner and we take social responsibility seriously.

As a responsible provider of games, the enjoyment of our players is GameDuell’s highest priority. For us, the high quality of our games, as well as player trust in GameDuell as a fair provider of games, is of utmost importance.

GameDuell games are designed as an occasional form of entertainment, which does not require an extraordinary amount of time. Similar to other forms of entertainment, such as television and sports, games should be enjoyed in moderation so that fun is always the focus.

With these provisions, GameDuell guarantees a safe and worry-free playing experience:

  • Protection by focusing on games of skill

    All games offered by GameDuell are games of skill where the abilities of the player are essential to the outcome of the game.

  • Protection by limiting the maximum entry fee

    The entry fee for a single duel or tournament starts at the low price of G£40. Players are always in full control of their expenses.

  • Protection by a fixed entry fee

    Due to the entry fee being determined in advance, a player can never lose more than they originally intended to spend.

  • Protection by providing free practice money

    Players can learn the rules and mechanics of a game by participating in free training duels before paying to enter a tournament.

  • Protection through Money Player account transparency and complete game history

    Every player has an overview of their account at all times and can clearly see how and against whom they have competed, at what time, and the result. This ensures full transparency in relation to duel and tournament history.

  • Protection by fair determination of the duel opponent (skill-based matching)

    By default, players are only matched against other players of an equal skill level and this is automatically maintained by our skill level matching system. A player’s skill level is always displayed and this in turn protects inexperienced and weaker players from losing duels to much stronger opponents.

  • Protection by blocking deposit options

    The payment methods we offer can be blocked by our customer service team immediately upon request. This protects against the potential misuse of accounts.

Please note the following:

  • Do not play with the intention of having to win no matter what.
  • Set your monthly playing budget in advance.
  • Do not increase your maximum monthly budget at a later time.
  • Never play under the influence of alcohol or medication.
  • Do not play in a depressed state.
  • Play only when you are well rested and able to concentrate.

In cases where playing costs are significantly higher than monthly expenditures on recreational activities (such as theatre tickets, sports, concert or football tickets) and where time spent playing and associated expenses interrupt daily life, we recommend affected players seek professional help.