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Game rules 9-Ball Solo

The Playing board

9-Ball Solo                                        Game board

Object of the Game:

  • The object of the game is to pocket all 9 of the numbered balls.
  • You can pocket the balls in any order you wish.
  • The cue ball (white ball) must always strike the lowest numbered ball on the table before striking any other ball. This ball is displayed on the bottom, right-hand side of the screen, and labeled as "Next Ball."
  • After you have cleared the table of all numbered balls, you will receive a 500-point bonus and will continue to the next round.

Game Controls:

  • Aiming:Rotate the pool cue (pool stick) by moving the mouse on the pool table. The guidelines that appear serve to show you where the cue ball and the numbered ball that it strikes will roll.
  • Fine controls:If you prefer, you can use the keyboard to more finely position the cue. To do so, tap the space bar to lock the cue into place. Once locked into place, tapping the arrow keys will shift the cue position pixel-by-pixel. If you want to unlock the position of the cue, press the space bar again.
  • Striking:You can strike the cue ball by clicking the left mouse button. To control the strength (power) with which you will strike, hold the left mouse button down and pull the cue stick away by dragging the mouse. You can move the cue stick forward and backward while planning exactly how much strength you wish to apply. The strike is executed as soon as you release the left mouse button. As an alternative, you can also strike the cue ball by tapping the enter key.
  • New - Spin:You can control the spin that you would like to apply to the cue ball with the help of the large white ball that can be found on the bottom, right-hand side of the screen. Simply drag and drop the green dot to where you want to strike the ball.

Time and Points:

  • You are given 5 minutes for each game. After you have finished a round, you will immediately be given another full table. Try to complete as many rounds as possible within the 5 minute time period.
  • You will receive the following points for balls that you legally pocket:
    "1" = 50 Points
    "2" = 100 Points
    "3" = 150 Points
    "4" = 200 Points
    "5" = 250 Points
    "6" = 300 Points
    "7" = 350 Points
    "8" = 400 Points
    "9" = 450 Points
  • Once you have completely cleared all balls from the table, you will receive 500 bonus points.
  • Please note: If you legally pocket the "9" ball before you have pocketed all other numbered balls, then you will not receive those 500 bonus points.
  • As a penalty, you will lose points for the following reasons:
    - Pocketing the cue ball.
    - Striking the cue ball and not hitting a numbered ball.
    - The first ball that the cue ball strikes is not the "next" ball.
  • You will lose 25 points for your first penalty. For each further penalty, the deduction per penalty will increase each time by 25 points.
  • If you illegally pocket any balls, then you will not receive any points for them. If, for example, the "1" ball is displayed as the "next ball" and you strike the cue ball directly into the "3" and it falls in the pocket, then you will not receive any points. By contrast, if you strike the cue ball into the "1" and it, in turn, strikes the "3" ball, which then falls into the pocket, then you will receive 150 points for pocketing the "3".
  • If you illegally sink the "9" ball, then the game will immediately end.
Good luck!