Game rules Darts



Object of the Game

  • The object of the game is to try to reduce your score to zero while using as few darts as possible.
  • It does not matter in which order you reduce your score.
  • A single out ends a round. This means the final dart that reduces your score to zero may hit any field on the board.
  • Example: You can reduce a remaining score of 14 by throwing a double 7. A simple throw into the 14 field is also sufficient to end the level.
  • Once you have reduced your score to zero, you will receive bonus points.

Game Controls

Aiming: Aim by moving the mouse over the dart board. The dart will be thrown depending directly upon the position of the mouse.

Throwing: Once you press the left mouse button, a small panel will apear next to the dart. This panel displays the strength with which the dart will be thrown. To successfully throw the dart with the desired strength, you will need good control of your finger tips. Make sure you release the mouse button at the right moment, because that is the only way to hit the bullseye.

There are an unlimited number of levels.

DartKing              Score

Time and Points

  • You are given 5 minutes per game. You can throw as many darts as possible within this time period. In the first round, you have to reduce your score of 301. Once you've reduced the score, you will receive 100 bonus points. Along with each further round, the amount of points you have to reduce incereases by 100. This makes it possible for you to earn 100 more bonus points each round.
  • The value of each dart that hits the board and stays will be deducted from your score. You can find the values for the different fields on the dartboard by looking along the circumference of the board.

    If a dart lands within the outter ring (double ring), then the points will be doubled. If a dart lands within the inner ring(triple ring), then the points will be tripled. If a dart lands in the middle ring, the so-called inner bullseye, then it is worth 50 points. The outter bullseye, the ring that encircles the inner bullseye, is worth a handsome sum of 25 points.

    When your dart lands in one of the two rings (double or triple rings) or within the bullseye (inner or outer bullseyes), things will really get exciting. If your darts lands in one of these fields twice within one leg (set of 3 darts), then the points earned by the second dart will be doubled. If you manage to do it three times, then the value of the third dart thrown will be tripled.

Good luck playing!