Fluffy game rules


Getting Started

  • Shift the rows of birdies horizontally or vertically to form groups of three or more like-coloured birdies.
  • Complete the missions in the upper, left-hand corner of the screen by clearing the required amount of each coloured birdies.
  • You can collect eggs by completing missions. You will proceed to the next level once you've formed a group of three or more golden eggs.

How to Shift

You can shift rows of birdies horizontally or vertically to form groups of three or more like-coloured birdies.


The three birdies don't have to be in the same row; you can also form L-shaped groups across rows.


You will be shown a possible move if you don't make a move for 10 seconds.


Hints are free, so no penalty points will be deducted for them.

Controlling the Birdies

Shift a birdy where you want it by dragging and dropping it to the desired location.

Your Missions

One important objective is fulfilling your tasks. A mission is completed by clearing a specific amount of birdies in specific colours.

The missions can be found at the top, left-hand side of the screen.


Once you clear the necessary birdies, a golden egg will appear on the screen.

The Eggs


An egg appears on the screen once you fulfill a mission.

Form a group of 3 or more eggs to proceed to the next level. They are combined just like combining birdies, horizontally or vertically.

Hint: You only need 3 eggs to form a group but sometimes it's easier if you unlock a fourth egg.


Forming a group of 5 or more birdies will unlock an electrified birdy.

If you clear the electro-birdy within 3 moves then you'll automatically clear all 8 birds surrounding the electro-bird. You'll also earn extra points!


Big Birdies


If you clear a square of like-coloured birdies, a big birdy will fly onto the screen.

This birdy can also be cleared by joining it into a group of three or more like-coloured birdies. Clearing a big birdy will earn you extra points.

Hint: Clear the big birdies as fast as you can. They will block you from sliding certain rows and columns.

Levels & Time

Fluffy has 3 levels and the mission difficulty increases with each new level. The regular playing time is 4:30 minutes.

When the time is up the game is over.


3-birdy group
15 points
4-birdy group
30 points
5-birdy group
60 points
6-birdy group
100 points
Fulfilling a mission
500 points
Earning an egg
500 points
Completing a level
9,000 points for a group of three eggs
12,000 points for a group of four eggs
Forming a combination that clears 2 or more groups with one move
100 extra points
Big birdy as part of a group
300 extra points
Electro-birdy as part of a group
300 extra points
Time Bonus
100 points for each remaining second

Tips & Tricks

  • At the beginning of each level, you should try your best to fulfill all missions.
  • Once all three eggs are on the screen you should do your best to form a group with them as quickly as possible.
  • Sometimes it's easier to create a group of three eggs by earning a fourth egg. It might be easier to simply clear groups of birdies until the eggs are positioned well, rather than concentrating on only the eggs themselves.
  • It's best to form groups of birdies at the bottom of the screen as they sometimes cause chain-reactions.
  • Try to clear big birdies and electro birdies as quickly as possible.