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"Hidden Gizmos" Game Rules


"Hidden Gizmos" is a hidden object game in which you have to find various objects in a picture. You assume the role of a shopkeeper, whose mission is to locate all kinds of objects. Your most important customer is already waiting to send you on a journey around the world. The rules are quick and easy to read. So what are you waiting for? Have fun and welcome to "Hidden Gizmos"!

Game Setup

  • Playing field: This is where you will search for the hidden objects.
  • Notepad: The list of requested objects.
  • Telephone: Displays the score, your progress, and occasionally an additional task.
  • Time display: The battery indicates how much time you have left.
  • Joker: Click one of the two telephone buttons to get a hint.
Hidden Gizmos              Game board

Object of the game

  • Once you have discovered a requested object on the list, click on it and it will then be crossed off your list.
  • In order to travel to the next location, you must collect all the items on the list.
  • Solve the additional tasks at every location you travel to, in order to receive valuable bonus points.

Instructions and Controls

  • Search for the objects on the list. Once you find one of the objects, click on it and it will be crossed off the list.
  • You must only click on objects that are on the main list OR objects that are shown in the additional task list during the short time they are displayed.
  • If you click too often on points in the picture where there is no object on the list, you get penalized. The point deduction increases with each false click.
  • Note: The additional task is only active for a short amount of time. Once the additional task ends, you can no longer try to complete it.
  • In each game, you travel to two locations. If you have found all of the objects on the list in the first location, then you move on to the second location. If you find all the objects in the second location, you reach a bonus level.
  • The game ends when the time runs out. The battery on the telephone indicates how much time you have left.

Additional Tasks

Hidden Gizmos              Game board
  • In each location you will receive an additional task, which is displayed on the telephone. The telephone rings briefly at the beginning of each additional task, so that you do not miss your chance to complete it.
  • There are two types of additional tasks: either you have to find three additional objects or you have to solve a little puzzle. The solution to the puzzle is also a hidden object in the picture.
  • Additional tasks are only available for a short amount of time. You must solve them quickly if you want to get the points for the additional task.
  • But beware: the additional task must be solved completely in order to get the extra points.


Hidden Gizmos              Game board
  • If you're having a hard time finding the objects, you can click on one of the two buttons on the telephone to get hints: Press the left button for the Telephone-Joker or the right button for the Filmstrip-Joker.
  • You can use the Telephone-Joker one time per location and the Filmstrip-Joker three times. You therefore have a total of four Jokers available at each location.
  • The Telephone-Joker reveals an area on the playing field in which there is a requested object. You can then focus your search for that object in this area of the picture.
  • In order to activate the Filmstrip-Joker, you must first find and click on the three black film strips hidden in the picture. Once the Joker is activated, you can click on the film strip button on the telephone which will reveal what one of the requested objects looks like so that you can find it easier in the picture.
    Hidden Gizmos                      Game board
  • Try to save as many Jokers as possible. If you successfully find all of the objects in a location, you will receive bonus points for every Joker that you have not used.

Bonus Level

  • You reach the bonus level after you have found all the objects on the notepad in the second location.
  • In the bonus level, you will see the same picture twice, in which there are 8 hidden differences.
  • The object of the bonus level is to find all 8 differences. You have 30 seconds to do so.

Level and Time

  • Level: Each game consists of two levels. Each level is played at a different location. At the first location you need to find 10 objects. At the second location you must find 14 objects. If you find all the objects in both locations, you reach a bonus level.
  • Time: You have a total of 4 minutes to find all the requested objects in the two different locations. In the bonus level, you have 30 seconds to discover all the differences. The battery on the telephone indicates how much time is left. Once the battery is empty, the game ends.
Hidden Gizmos              Game board


Object from notepad found
Two objects in quick succession found (within 3 seconds)
200 (increases with each quickly found object by 200 points)
Additional task solved completely
Level 1 completed
Level 2 completed
Unused Jokers (only for successfully completed levels)
500 (for each unused Joker)
All Jokers unused (only for successfully completed levels)
Difference in bonus level found
Time Bonus, if in both locations all the objects are found in less than 4 minutes (there is no time bonus for the bonus level)
50 (for each remaining second)
Point deduction for two quick clicks in a row without finding any of the requested objects (within 3 seconds)
-100 (the point deduction increases with each additional false click by 100 points)

Tips and Strategies

  • A good memory is the key to getting a lot of points: Take a mental note of as many objects on the list as possible, as your eyes move across the picture. This will increase your chances of finding the objects faster. Furthermore, you save precious time as your eyes aren't always focusing on the notepad.
  • Try to find as many objects in a row as quickly as possible. For every object that is found in a series, you will increase the speed bonus.
  • Your main goal is to reach the next level, so only begin the additional task if you have a sufficient amount of time to complete it.
  • Only use the Joker as a last resort in order to find the objects that are hidden the best. Perhaps you can complete the level without the Joker and gain valuable bonus points instead.