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Jetrip game rules

Jetrip              Game board


  • When playing Jetrip, you should fit the falling blocks together to make complete rows.
  • If you manage to make a complete row, it disappears, creating new space.
  • You receive points for each complete row.

Object of the game

  • Each level requires you to complete a certain number of rows.
  • Try not to let the field get too full. If you reach the top edge, that means: game over!
  • If you manage to complete all 4 levels in the allotted time, you will then have reached your destination, Moscow, and can go on to play the bonus level.


A good Jetrip player excels only by mastery of the game controls. In other words, practice makes perfect! Why not play a couple of practice games - you'll notice how quickly you will improve.

You can control Jetrip in two ways:
  • By keyboard
  • By mouse

Keyboard controls:

Jetrip              Keyboard controls
  • You can control the falling blocks by using the arrow keys (see figure above).
  • Rotate blocks by using the up arrow key.
  • Use the space bar to drop blocks - this makes for a speedier game.
  • You can also use the "X" key instead of the up arrow key to rotate the blocks. Use the "Z" and "C" keys to rotate the blocks in a anti-clockwise fashion.
Jetrip              direction of rotation

This button is in the top navigation and allows you to turn off the block phantoms.

Jetrip              Phantoms on/off

This button is in the top navigation bar and allows you to change the up arrow key's direction of rotation.

Notice: Players who prefer to use their left hand to play Jetrip can also control the game using the W-A-S-D key combination.

Move block to the left
Fall faster
Move block to the right
Rotate block
Rotate block anti-clockwise
Space bar

Mouse control:

  • Move the mouse cursor from left to right within the field. The falling block aligns itself according to the position of the cursor.
  • By clicking the mouse's left button, you can rotate the block.
  • Hold down the mouse's left button (don't click!) to make the block fall faster.
  • Even if you prefer playing with the mouse, rather than the keyboard, you should still use your other free hand to use the space bar to drop the block.
Jetrip              Mouse control


  • You will receive 500 points for each completed row.
  • You will receive bonus points if you manage to complete several rows at once:
    1. 2 rows at once: 1500 points
    2. 3 rows at once: 2500 points
    3. 4 rows at once: 4000 points
  • You will have the opportunity at the end of each level to gain a few extra points. The remaining empty space will be filled with photos. You will get a holiday snapshot for every set of three empty rows, and each photo earns you additional points. You should try as hard as you can to keep the field as empty as possible.
  • You receive 10,000 points for completing each level.
  • If you manage to sustain the complete game time of 4 minutes without letting the blocks reach the top, you will gain a perseverance bonus of 5,000 points.
  • If you manage to complete all 4 levels in the allotted time, you will receive an extra 10 bonus points per remaining second.

Bonus level

The bonus level is the ultimate challenge for real Jetrip pros!
It appears each time you have completed all 4 levels and have made it to Moscow.
The bonus level does not have any particular time limit or number of rows. You just have to play for as long as you can hold out!

Each bonus level row is worth 100 points.

Tips and Tricks: How to maximize your score

  • Your first and most important goal should be to hold out for the 4 minutes and reach Moscow - this will bring you a wealth of bonus points.
  • Try as hard as you can to complete the rows in combinations of four - this will also bring you extra points.
  • Try to ensure that the blocks remain as far at the bottom as possible - by doing this, there will be more space for the photos at the end of each level. And photos mean points!