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Magnoid rules

Brief description

  • Magnoid is a breakout variant that requires rapid reactions.
  • Your mission is to clear all blocks from the playing field.
  • The player who can maneuver the paddle most skillfully wins.

Start of the Game

  • When the game begins, the playing field is filled with various blocks. The blocks are arranged differently in each level, and will become more complex as you progress.
  • The paddle used to hit the orb can be found at the bottom edge of the playing field.
  • Keep your eye on the orb. If it slips by your paddle, then you will lose it.

Game Controls

  • You can move the paddle using the mouse or the left and right arrow keys on the keyboard.
  • The angle at which the orb will rebound depends on where it hits the paddle.
  • Where the orb hits a block will also determine in which direction it will rebound.


Throughout the game, you will encounter different types of blocks that must be cleared from the board. How many points you will receive for each depends on what type of block it is.

Normal Blocks

The amount of points each cleared block is worth will depend on its color. There are ten different colors. Below is a list detailing how many points each color is worth.

5 Points
10 Points
15 Points
Magnoid                              Normal blocks 5

Magnoid                              Normal blocks 5

Magnoid                              Normal blocks 5

Magnoid                              Normal blocks 5
Magnoid                              Normal blocks 10

Magnoid                              Normal blocks 10

Magnoid                              Normal blocks 10
Magnoid                                  Normal blocks 15

Magnoid                  Gold blocks
Gold Blocks

A GameDuell coin is hidden inside of each gold block. When you catch one, you will receive 50 extra points.

Magnoid                  Double blocks
Magnoid                  Triple blocks
Double and Triple Blocks
To get rid of these blocks, you will have to hit them multiple times. You must hit a double block twice to clear it, for which you will receive 10 points. You will receive 15 points for clearing a triple block, but you'll have to hit it three times.

Magnoid                  Barricade blocks
Barricade Blocks
The only way to clear a barricade block is by shooting it with a laser beam.

Magnoid                  Diamond blocks
Diamond Blocks
Destroy the diamond blocks as quickly as possible because they will aid you in reaching the next level. Once you have cleared them all, a door in the playing field will open. If you enter it, then you will immediately reach the next level.
There will be an additional diamond block in each level, and you will receive 25 points for each one that you clear.

Magnoid                  Skull blocks
Skull Blocks
Hitting this block with an orb will cost you a life. If you are already on your last life, then the game will end.

Magnoid                  Mega skull blocks
Mega Skull Blocks
Careful! This is the most dangerous block in the game. If you hit it with an orb, then it will take a life away but will not disappear. The only way to clear this block is by shooting it with a laser beam.

Orbs and Paddles

  • Always keep an eye on your orbs. When no more orbs are on the playing field you will lose a paddle and a life.
  • At the beginning of the game you have four paddles and four lives. Your remaining lives can be found at the bottom, left-hand corner of the playing field.
  • If you lose all of your lives then the game will end.


  • Some blocks contain extras that could be helpful in reaching the next level more quickly. When you clear these blocks, the extras will fall. Catch them with your paddle and they will automatically become active.
  • You can only use one extra at a time. This means that if you are already using an extra and then catch another, the first one will be replaced by the new one.
  • Be wary of the red extras! They make it harder for you to complete a level.
    You may encounter the following extras:

Magnoid                  Warp field
Warp Field
If an orb enters this field, then it will exit the corresponding warp field on the other side of the playing board.

Magnoid                  Laser
If you catch this item, then your paddle will grow laser guns. You can fire laser beams by clicking the left mouse button, but be sure to use them wisely! You only have three shots, and after you have used them up they will disappear.

Magnoid                  Extra Life
Extra Life
If you catch this extra, then you will gain an extra life.

Magnoid                  Multi-Orb
If you catch this extra you will be able to play with three orbs, making it easier to rack up more points quicker.

Magnoid                  Opposites Paddle
Opposites Paddle
Be careful with this item. When you catch it, your paddle will move in the opposite direction of your mouse.

Magnoid                  Shrinking Paddle
Shrinking Paddle
When the shrinking paddle extra becomes active, the paddle will shrink and make the game even harder.

Levels, Points, and Time

  • Magnoid has six levels. You will reach the next level as soon as you have cleared the board of all diamond blocks and have entered through the gap in the board.
  • You will receive points for each block you clear, depending on the color.
  • If you are fast enough, then you can also collect coins. A gold coin can be found inside each gold block. If you destroy the block, then the coin will fall out and you will receive 50 extra points if you can catch it.
  • You will receive 100 additional bonus points for each completed level. You will receive 100 points for the first level, 200 for the second, and so on.
  • You have 5 minutes to work through the levels.
Try to clear as many blocks at a time as possible. To do so, you will need perfect finger control and a good set of eyes. If you play with skill, then the orb will find its way in the right direction almost on its own. As in all things, "stillness breeds strength". If you play hectically, then you will lose the orb and a life.