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Maya Whiz - Game Rules

Maya Whiz

The aim of the game

  • Select a group of cards so that the sum is 11.
  • Start from the bottom and dismantle the pyramid of cards as quickly as possible.
  • The more cards you remove in a row, without using the help cards from the deck, the more bonus or series points you earn.
  • After a particularly long series you will enter the "fire mode". This lasts for a short period of time and rewards you by automatically removing additional cards with each combination you create.

How to play

Maya Whiz
Maya Whiz
Maya Whiz
  • To remove a group of cards from the pyramid, you need to mark cards so that the sum is 11.
  • You can only remove cards which are "free", i.e., they are not covered by other cards. You can recognize that a card is free when it is "lit up".
  • If you make fast, continuous matches, you will enter the "fire mode", which lasts for a short period of time and rewards you by automatically removing additional cards with each combination you create.
Maya Whiz
  • If there are no matching cards are on the field, use the two help cards below. Click on the deck to reveal new help cards. Uncover one card after another, until you find the right card to help form a group of 11.
  • Immediately after you have completed a series, new cards appear from the top of the screen - so there are no "levels".
  • The game ends when your playing time has expired.


It is very easy to control Maya Whiz.

  • Click on a card to mark it. Only cards that are not covered by other cards can be marked.
  • Once you have selected enough cards to reach the total of 11, those cards disappear automatically.
  • If you change your mind, you can deselect a previously selected card by clicking it again. Using the spacebar, you can quickly remove all selections.

The Joker

Maya Whiz

The Joker can be of any value. Select any number of cards (maximum combined value of 10) and then click on the Joker card.

In contrast to uncovering new help cards from the deck, using the Joker does not jeopardize the score of your current series! The Joker is a great way to continue the series in a difficult situation.

Beware: there is only one Joker available per game. Exception: if the "Extra Joker" power-up is used.

The Fire Mode

Maya Whiz

When you combine, in a short time, a very long series, you can enter the "Fire mode." Remove as many cards as you need for it. You can keep track by checking the position of the two lines at the bottom of the screen. Once the snakes' heads touch, the "Fire mode" is initiated for a few seconds.

During the "Fire mode," any combination, in addition to the marked cards and all adjacent cards, are automatically removed. For each card removed, significantly more points are added than in the regular game.

Additionally, you can quickly resume the series and extend the "Fire mode."

Special Cards

Special cards are indicated by the colours and the special symbol below the card value.


Maya Whiz

For clearing a time card, you get some valuable extra seconds of playing time. If you use the "Extra-time" power-up to play, you will receive an additional second for each time card that is cleared.


Maya Whiz

The multiplier card rewards you with a solid score of 1000 multiplied by the current stage of the series. The "Extra-multiplier" power-up increases the number of multiplier cards in the game.


Maya Whiz

If the bomb card goes off, it destroys an entire row of cards. You will receive full points for all of the destroyed cards and the series is not interrupted. Please note: bomb cards only appear when you play with the "Bomb" power-up.

NEW! - Power-Ups

Maya Whiz
  • For the first time at GameDuell, before each Maya Whiz duel, you can choose between 5 different "power-ups." These special cards, for example, more playing time, a bomb card or a second Joker, will then be available in the game.
  • Each player can choose up to 3 different "power-ups" and customize the game completely to their needs. Their opponents, however, have the same options! A player with "power-ups" will never be able to play against someone who has not selected any "power-ups."
  • "Power-ups" are only available for upgraded players in duels with an entry fee.

Points & Time

Card removed
100 per card
Series bonus
+50 x series level (e.g. +400 for an 8 card series)
Multiplier card
1000 x series level
Extra-Time card
+4 seconds extra time

Tips and Tricks

  • In addition to pure speed, creating long series is a key point to getting a high score. Try to use the help cards only if there are no more possible combinations on the field.
  • To achieve long series, it helps to look ahead in the pyramid. It's also a good idea to keep an eye on special cards and work towards them by clearing the cards that cover them.
  • The Joker is the "ace up your sleeve". If at the end of a long series you find yourself in a dilemma because the game field does not have more combinations, you can use the Joker card to remove any other card on the board. Your series will not be interrupted!