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Professor Mouse game rules

Brief Intro

  • Professor Mouse is a word game in which you must find as many words on the blackboard as possible.
  • Only letters that lie adjacent to one another may be used to build words. (in the example: RID).
Professor Maus

Object of the game

  • Find all of the special words to reach the next level.
  • Submit additional words (extra words) to collect more points.
  • Find the "super words" to score extra points.

Select words and submit

  • Submit valid words by selecting the first to last letter of the word.
  • You can select the letters by clicking them individually or by clicking and holding the mouse button while dragging it over all of the letters.
  • If the word is valid then the "Submit" button will turn yellow.
  • You can submit a valid word by clicking the "Submit" button or double-clicking the last letter of the word.

Valid words

  • Only words of three or more letters may be submitted.
  • The most common words in the English language are valid.
  • Abbreviations and foreign words are not valid.
  • Only very well known names and cities are accepted.
  • A word may only be submitted once per level, even if it can be found in two different places.

Special words

  • You must submit all of the special words to complete the level.
  • The special words are shown on the right-hand side of the board.
  • The empty boxes show how many letters the special word has.
  • The green letters show a letter that must be present in the special word in a certain position.
  • Tip: Burning letters can be helpful in finding special words.
Professor Maus

In this example, the player must find a special word which has an "O" as the second letter.

Burning letters and golden letters

  • Burning letters always appear after you have submitted three three-letter words in a row.
  • The burning letters always appear within one of the special words and the position of this letter is shown on the board. Because of this, burning letters can be a big help in finding special words.
  • Careful: The burning letters burn out within 20 seconds. The letter is no longer usable after the letter has burned out and may result in the level not being completable.
  • The golden letter appears after you have submitted a word with at least 4 letters. If you use the golden letter to submit a word then the points for that word will be doubled.
Professor Maus

The burning "A" could help you find the special word "SEA". On the right-hand side of the page, you are shown that the "A" is the last letter of the word.

Joker (magic wand)

  • There is a joker (magic wand) in each level.
  • You can use the joker to display one of the letters in a special word.
  • To do so simply click on the special word on the right-hand side of the board.
  • The joker can also be used to repair a burnt out letter. To do so, simply click on the special word with the burnt letter.

The Super Word

  • A super word is hidden in each level and can contain between 8 and 14 letters.
  • The super word is worth 10,000 points.
  • Several super words could be hidden in each level.

Bonus Level

  • The bonus level appears once you have successfully completed the 3rd level of the game.
  • The bonus level is comprised entirely of solvable words.
  • All words that have been submitted will disappear from the board. If you manage to solve the entire bonus level then you will receive another huge bonus.

Levels and Time

  • The game has 3 levels. You have 150 seconds per level.
  • After the 3rd level, you will reach the bonus level.
  • In the bonus level, you receive another 90 seconds to play.


Points are granted as follows:

You receive points for each submitted word depending on the length:

  • 3 letters:  150 points
  • 4 letters:  250 points
  • 5 letters:  500 points
  • 6 letters:  1000 points
  • 7 or more letters:  1500 points

For each submitted extra word you will receive an increasing bonus in addition to the value of the word itself.

  • 3 letters:  75 bonus points
  • 4 letters:  125 bonus points
  • 5 letters:  250 bonus points
  • 6 letters:  250 bonus points
  • 7 or more letters:  500 points

The first extra word with 3 letters is worth 150 points, the second with 3 letters is worth 225, the next 300, etc.

  • The points are doubled if the word contains a golden letter.

You will also receive bonus points at the end of each level:

Level 1
1,250 bonus points
Level 2
2,500 bonus points
Level 3
5,000 bonus points
Bonus level
7,500 bonus points

You will receive a time bonus for each second remaining after completing each level. The time bonus depends on the level:

Level 1
50 points for each remaining second
Level 2
75 points for each remaining second
Level 3
100 points for each remaining second
Bonus level
200 points for each remaining second

If you complete the level without using your joker then you will receive an additional bonus:

Level 1
1,250 points
Level 2
2,500 points
Level 3
2,500 points

Tips & Tricks

  • You can consciously use your burning letters to localize special words.
  • Submit your words more quickly by double-clicking on the last letter.
  • Don't use your joker too soon. You may need it later in the game to complete a level.
  • The object of the game is not to reach the next level as quickly as possible. It is much more beneficial to collect extra words as they can be worth a lot of points.