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Game rules Solitaire classic


Solitaire classic              Game board

Object of the game:

  • This variation of Solitaire is known as "Klondike Solitaire."
  • Move all 52 cards to the 4 foundation piles at the top as fast as you can.
  • The cards must be separated based on their suits (clubs, hearts, spades and diamonds) when placing them onto the foundation piles. They must also be placed onto the foundation piles in the correct order: Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, and King.

Initial Card Setup:

  • Foundation piles: The four foundation piles are empty at the beginning of each game.
  • Tableau piles: At the beginning of each game, 28 of the 52 cards are distributed among the 7 piles of cards across the middle of the board. Only the card lying on top of each pile is lying face-up.
  • Hand piles: The remaining 24 cards are facedown in the hand pile.

Game Controls:

  • Click on a facedown card to turn it over.
  • To move a card or a stack of cards, "drag & drop" them to the position where you wish to move them.
  • You can move cards to the foundation pile by double-clicking on them.


You are given 5 minutes. If you finish before the time runs out, then you will receive a time bonus.


Points are rewarded and deducted as follows:

  • You will receive the following points for placing the listed cards on the foundation pile:
    5 points for each Ace.
    10 points for each "2."
    15 points for each "3."
    20 points for each "4."
    25 points for each "5."
    30 points for each "6."
    35 points for each "7."
    40 points for each "8."
    45 points for each "9."
    50 points for each "10," Jack, Queen, and King.
  • You will receive 1,700 points for moving all cards to the foundation pile.
  • You will also get 10 extra points for each card in the Tableau that you uncover. That is a possible total of up to 21 * 10 = 210 points.
  • You will also be awarded 5 points for each second that you have left over after you have moved all cards to the foundation piles.


  • How to uncover cards: By clicking on the hand pile, the top 3 cards will be revealed and placed in the waste pile. You can click through the hand as often as you wish, but please note that 20 points will be deducted each time you reach the end (after the third time through).
  • Moving cards: You are only allowed to move cards that are lying face-up. Cards that are facedown must first be revealed before you are allowed to move them to another pile.
  • Uncovering cards: If a facedown card is on top of a stack, then it is possible to uncover it and thus reveal its suit.

    Solitaire classic                              Turning a card over

    Turning a card over (single-click)

  • Moving cards within the Tableau - Color: A Card may only be stacked on top of another card of the opposite color, which means red on black and black on red. The actual suits of the cards (i.e.: clubs and spades) make no difference within the Tableau.
  • Moving cards within the Tableau - Numbers: A Card within the Tableau may only be stacked on top of another card that is exactly one value higher (i.e.: 9 on 10 or 2 on 3. Not 9 on 7 or 2 on Ace).

    Solitaire classic                              Moving Cards

    Moving Cards (Drag & Drop)

  • Kings as foundations: Only kings (or stacks of cards that have a king on top) can be placed on empty Tableau stacks.
  • Moving stacks of cards: If a stack of cards consists of more than one card that is face-up, then you can move the entire (or part of the) stack of uncovered cards. The same rules apply to moving stacks of cards that apply to moving single cards.
  • Move the aces first: Before you can place any other cards on the foundation pile, you must first put the corresponding ace there.

    Solitaire classic                          Ace

    Put the Aces on the foundation pile first! (Double-click)

  • Putting cards back: You are allowed to take the card lying on the top of each foundation stack and place it back in the Tableau. You will not receive any more points for placing them back into the foundation.

Fairness Guarantee:

All participants in a particular solitaire classic duel are guaranteed to receive the exact same cards in the exact same order.