Game rules Spider Pro

Brief Introduction

“Spider Pro” is GameDuell's pro version of Spider Solitaire. The main difference between the normal and pro versions is that the pro version makes use of all four suits. This makes the game more difficult, which is why we supply you with 2 joker fields rather than just one.

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Object of the Game

  • Your task is to sort as many cards as possible according to their suits (hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs). Combine the 104 cards as quickly as possible. As soon as you have correctly arranged a set on a tableau pile, it will automatically be discarded.

Initial Card Setup

  • You begin with the cards that are already lying on the table.
  • Discard Pile: There are 8 discard piles. They can be found in the orange bar at the bottom, left-hand side of the screen. The discard piles are empty at the beginning of each game. Properly sorted stacks of cards will be automatically placed into the discard piles.
  • Tableau piles: At the beginning of the game, 54 of the 104 cards are distributed among the 10 tableau piles at the top edge of the screen. The first four of these piles on the left side of the screen each have 5 facedown cards. The rest of the piles each have 4 facedown cards. There is a face-up card lying on top of each pile of cards within the tableau.
  • Stock pile: The remaining 50 cards are divided into 5 piles, each pile containing 10 cards. The stock piles can be found to the right of the joker pile. You can view the cards in the stock piles by placing the mouse over them.

How to Play

  • Moving Cards: You can only place a card on top of another if its value is exactly one less than that of the initial card, i.e. 9 on 10 or Ace on 2, but not 9 on 8 or 2 on Ace. You can place a card on top of another card of the same color, as well as on top of a card of the opposite color. Suits make no difference. You can only move stacks (or parts of stacks) of cards if they are all the same color and suit. When you move the last card from a stack, the next card will automatically be uncovered.
  • Empty Stacks: You can move any card or stack of cards to an empty stack.
  • Uncovering New Cards: When you can no longer move any more cards within the tableau, you can click the stock pile. When done, this automatically distributes 10 cards among the 10 tableau piles. The tableau piles can only be distributed if there is at least one card on each of the tableau piles. The stock piles are individually selectable.

Game Controls

The controls in this game are simple.

  • To move a card, click and hold the left mouse button while moving the mouse. If the card cannot be placed on the intended pile, then it will automatically be moved back to its previous position.
  • You can move a stack of cards by clicking on the highest card in the stack and moving it just as you would move a single card.
  • You can get new cards by clicking on one of the stock piles. Immediately afterwards, 10 cards will be automatically distributed among the 10 tableau piles.
  • When you complete a sequence of cards (the entire suit from King to Ace), then it will automatically be placed in the discard pile.


You can “undo” the last 5 moves by clicking on the “undo” button. You will lose 50 points each time you undo a move. If you do not have any more points, then you cannot undo any more moves.


Spider Pro                  ???help_rules_rules_spp_joker.image.alt???
The joker pile can be found between the stock pile and the discard piles. You can place any card on the joker pile, and as such work your way out of an otherwise tricky situation. You can place two cards on the joker pile in Spider Pro.

Calculating Your Score:

  • You receive 200 points for each card that you uncover.
  • You receive a one-time bonus of 1,000 points for each column that you clear (maximum of 10,000 points).
  • Each successfully cleared suit of cards is worth 5,000 points.
  • Once you complete the game, you will receive 20,000 additional bonus points.
  • Each remaining second after completing the game is worth 50 points.
  • Each time you undo a move, you will lose 500 points.
  • If you use the undo button to place complete sequences from the discard pile back in the tableau, then the points that you gained for them will be deducted.

Strategy and Tips

Be sure to consider all possible moves before you begin. Stacking cards with different suits can lead to serious problems. Find a way to move the cards to the discard pile without ruining your chances of winning. The joker can be a big help in many difficult situations. It may also be helpful to clear a stack as early in the game as possible. Before choosing a stock pile, carefully consider which one is best for your current situation.